Kristian Sandvik

Product Manager

Collaboration Technology Group

As a product manager with a user experience background, I am always looking to improve and innovate on the tools that let teams work better together - no matter where they are. Remote collaboration over video is a great start, but adding content collaboration on top are really the next magical moments.

When I am not busy pulling together new experiences across development teams at Cisco, you can find me out and about with my dog, on my skis, hunting or hiking. Or wait, most days you will find me in my car delivering kids to activities or grocery shopping … all in all, enjoying the family life in Oslo, Norway!


September 5, 2019


Finally: Your Own Apps on the Webex Boards!

2 min read

You can now get popular third-party web apps like Office 365, Trello, and many more on the Webex Board.

January 28, 2019


Use your Cisco Webex Video Screens for More – Put Them Into “Signage Mode”

2 min read

At Cisco Live Barcelona, we are previewing a new capability that will let Cisco Webex video devices show customized digital signage in place of the default half-wake state. We’re calling this “signage mode.” As much as we have thoughtfully designed our half-wake screens and animations, we love to give our users and customers even more value out of their Cisco video devices.