Krishna Parab

Product Marketing Lead - Cloud

Krishna B. Parab is a Product Marketing Lead at Cisco with prior experience in Product Management, Engineering, and Management Consulting. His hands-on expertise include competitive/market analysis, messaging, content, product launches, and sales enablement.

He has led marketing for Intercloud, Cisco Cloud Services, Hybrid Cloud Bundles, and Intercloud Marketplace; and is currently responsible for overall sales enablement for cloud. His other experiences at Cisco include Service Provider Marketing, Internal Strategy Consulting, Executive Briefings, Media Relations, and Global PR Strategy.

Prior to Cisco, Krishna led product management, development, and engineering at Texas Instruments and Teranetics with experience in both software and hardware technologies.

Krishna's leadership at the intersection of Technology and Business is founded on degrees from Indian Institute of Technology (BTech), University of Texas-Austin (MS), University of Michigan (MBA). His interests include hiking, half-marathons, yoga, and palmistry.


April 22, 2016


Power of platforms – IT superheroes’ secret weapon

3 min read

The comic strips of our childhood fascinate us. A once prosperous city falls under the shroud of crime. Enemies of various origins and shapes attack it from all sides. The horizons darken and all seems to be lost. Then magically, the superheroes arrive. Armed with x-ray vision, mighty punches, or ability to freeze the enemies […]

December 22, 2014


Innovate More with Confidence in Your Cloud

3 min read

Guest post from Dan Swart In my last blog post, Complexity and Control in the Cloud, I covered some basic considerations as you navigate vendors and solutions when planning your enterprise cloud. Unsurprisingly, when Cisco is talking to customers about their private cloud needs and our data center solutions, customers very quickly sound this panic […]

December 15, 2014


Complexity AND Control in the Cloud

3 min read

Guest post from Dan Swart We want what we want when we want it. Never truer than today when we’ve got a global marketplace of technology vendors vying to deliver on now practically required solutions like enterprise cloud. While it’s really impossible today to deploy an enterprise cloud using products created by a single vendor, […]