Kevin Mayer

Product Manager

Enterprise Networking

Kevin Mayer is a product manager for Cisco’s Identity Services Engine. He has been involved with network access control and networked device visibility for over 8 years, always with a focus on solving real customer problems. Kevin is a pragmatic product manager who believes that there are no silly questions, that listening is more important than talking and that the real way to build a successful product is for your customers to be your partners.


September 14, 2022


ISE Cold Security Resilience

3 min read

See how Cisco Identity Services Engine 3.2 can help elevate your security resilience. Flexibility is King, and ISE is at your service!

May 25, 2021


If you can’t trust a MAC address, what can you trust?

3 min read

The concept of random and changing MAC addresses is not brand new, but is beginning to have a real impact on how network tools operate. The idea that operating system vendors are providing users with increasing privacy by making it harder for big corporations to track them is a double edged sword. How can networking tools continue to provide critical services such as network access control, guest and BYOD services in an environment where the identifier of the endpoint, the MAC address, is no longer stable.