Jon Stine


Retail Consumer Products-Transportation-Hospitality in IBSG

Jon Stine joined Cisco Systems in 2006 as Director in the Retail-Consumer Products-Transportation-Hospitality practice within Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG).

He is responsible for research and customer advisement at the critical intersection of business and technology. Current areas of focus include research and experimentation in the blending of virtual and physical retail experiences; consumer electronics retail growth and service strategies; and personal technology adoption and its impact upon the retail industry, and with a particular focus on conversion and brand loyalty.

Prior to Cisco, he served as the Global Industry Manager for the Retail-Consumer Products-Logistics sector at the Intel Corporation, and achieved a leading role for Intel in new store transaction and display technologies and digital supply chain architectures. Before joining Intel, Jon posted 15 years of executive leadership in the consumer products industry, with responsibilities ranging from national account sales and marketing management to lead account sales, IT assessment, inventory management and customer service.

A regular speaker for industry events and forums worldwide, he resides in Portland, Oregon, USA. His degrees are from Indiana University and the University of Oregon.


October 2, 2013


New Study Shows Value of Internet on Retail

2 min read

For that last few years, Cisco has been watching the impact of the Internet on transforming the retail industry. As more people, processes and things are connecting to the Internet, retailers can capture more data to better predict when and where consumers will want to buy and capture more revenues. Today, Cisco released Internet of […]