Jon Hartman

Systems Engineer

Global Service Provider - Cloud, Mobility & Carrier

Hello! I'm Jon Hartman, an Internet technology advocate and leader with a passion for improving myself and the world around me. In addition to corporate, collegiate, and international speaking experience, I speak Geek fluently to help bridge the gap between business requirements and technical capabilities.

I enjoy harnessing the capabilities of data-center and cloud-based services to make our lives more portable, efficient, and effective. As our economy becomes more advanced, complicated, and faster-paced, we need to ensure that those around us are plugged in to changes and possibilities and are inspired to reach the next level.


February 22, 2018


Cisco Logo Love? Yeah. It’s on My Head.

3 min read

Jon shares why he loves where he works and how that lead to him shaving the Cisco logo into his head ahead of Cisco Live and then GSX.