Jim Cubbage

Sr. Security Product Manager – DDoS

Jim Cubbage is a Senior Security Product Manager focused on solving DDoS problems for Cisco customers. To combat the DDoS threat, Jim leads the Cisco integration effort with technology partners driving end-to-end solutions. His current projects include the Radware DDoS integration on the FirePOWER (I see it with capped POWER in many Google searches) NGFW 4100 Series and 9300 platforms, plus several other PoC integration efforts across multiple Cisco groups (organizations, teams or business units). Jim is a security integration expert who started at Symantec in 1995. He further developed his expertise at Zone Labs , acquired by Checkpoint, prior to joining Cisco in 2013. When not on his computer, Jim enjoys the outdoor mountain life with his wife, Susanne, who also works for Cisco, and their dog, Zoe, in beautiful Lake Tahoe, Nevada.


August 22, 2017


Adversaries’ New Strategy: Cyber Attacks Designed for Destruction, Not Just Disruption?

3 min read

As defenders, one of our key objectives is to help organizations and individual users understand the threat landscape so they can reduce their exposure to cyber threats. Our threat researchers and technology partners watch that ever-changing landscape very closely, as they have for many years now. That’s one reason we are confident when we say […]