Akram Sheriff

IoT Software Technologist

Internet of Things (IoT) R&D

Akram Sheriff is an IoT Software Engineer/Technologist with the Cisco IoT Engineering team. Akram holds 30+ software patents, both granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and currently pending review at USPTO and in the Germany/EU region. He specializes on different wireless protocols, IoT software stacks, and technologies for IoT products, and leads various product series. He is also an active peer reviewer of IEEE publications in areas related to WiFi, BLE, Wireless networking trends, AI/Machine learning, Enterprise WiFi, IoT architectures, and the Cloud networking domain. Akram is also an active member in some IETF working groups related to 6LoWPAN, RAW related to different low power wireless technologies. Akram is also a frequent presenter in many Internal Cisco Live, Devnet, APJC SecCon -2020 and external conferences in topics related to AI/ML, Wireless Networking, IoT, and Cloud technologies. You can also follow Akram on Medium.


Emerging trends in IoT gateway and edge application management in a cloud native paradigm

The need for managing business operations remotely across industries has increased rapidly. The sudden, unprecedented shift towards cloud native IoT management applications hosted on public cloud created challenges.