Dr. Giannis Tziakouris

Senior Incident Response Architect

Cisco Talos

Dr. Giannis Tziakouris serves as a Senior Incident Response Architect at Cisco Talos, where his primary role involves assisting customers through cybersecurity incidents. Prior to his current role, Giannis served as a lead digital crime analyst at INTERPOL, where he worked as part of various operations and investigations pertaining to cryptocurrencies and Darknet. Giannis also delivered policing solutions, including specialized training on investigating cryptocurrency and Darknet-related illicit activities. During his PhD research, Giannis contributed to the field of self-adaptive security in the Cloud. Alongside his research, Giannis worked as a senior teaching associate at the University of Birmingham, UK.


April 1, 2024


Cryptocurrency and Blockchain security due diligence: A guide to hedge risk

16 min read

Blockchain adoption and crypto investments are peaking, along with scams. Ensure safety in this bull run by being diligent.