Gia Filice

Portfolio Marketing Manager, Cisco Threat Detection and Response


Gia Filice is a Cisco veteran with experience across multiple security practices including Fraud, Vulnerability and Risk Management, Identity and Access, TD&R, Compliance, GDPR, PSD2, Account Takeover, Cloud (hybrid, public and private), CNAPP, EDR, XDR, MXDR, and the full security lifecycle approach (PDRR). She also has worked closely with security leadership in banking/fintech, healthcare, retail, GET, critical infrastructure and e/m commerce. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and English and holds a Master’s degree in Economics. Gia is currently a Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager in the Cisco Security Threat Detection and Response practice.


May 16, 2023


Cisco XDR: Taking the Attack to the Attackers

2 min read

Cisco XDR takes the attack to the attackers leveraging unified visibility, AI/ML driven risk prioritization, automation and guided response served up through an "outcome" based analyst user experience.