Farah Ali Hassan

Technology Consultant

CX Advisory Services

Farah Ali Hassan joined Cisco right after college part of the associate project manager program, where she got the chance to live in Poland for 3 months with colleagues from all over the world. She then moved to Dubai to kickstart her journey with Cisco, after living all her life in Lebanon. As soon as Farah came to know about the global community of the Early in Career in Cisco she established and co-lead the chapter in Dubai, the first ever middle east early in Career community. She strongly wanted for the early in career to have sense of belonging, a community where people can share similar interests and build strong friendships. After growing the chapter from 4 to 20 members, Farah took on a global role with ECN for the Giving back track. In her one year of leadership Farah put together the first ever global giving back project for ECN, one the proudest moment of her career. Farah is now a technology consultant and enjoys working with clients from the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Farah enjoys meeting new people and getting to know new cultures, has completed 2 half marathons and competed in many running races and has been playing the piano for more than 15 years.


March 19, 2020


40 Employees, 5 days and 17 families with water

2 min read

Farah organized 40 employees to come together to give back in Brazil and help build cisterns for those in need. Here are 4 takeaways from the global give back experience.