Fabio Di Niro

Consulting Systems Engineer

Data Center & Virtualization

Fabio spent most of his lifetime following his passion in knowing and inventing intricate things. He started to code at the age of seven then he went through every new cool technology that was invented. He was a geek in homebrew virtual reality in the early '90s, as well as a pioneer with home-built multitouch tables and 3D printers in the '00.

He brings his 20 years of IT experience to his role as Consultant Systems Engineer in the pre-sales division of Cisco Italy, taking care of all datacenter technologies.

He also founded a community and a makerspace called The GeekPlace.


July 18, 2019


How To Provision a Production-Grade Kubernetes Cluster From Anywhere, With Just One Button (Literally)

4 min read

I bet all of you who are working or playing with Kubernetes still remember perfectly the first time you tried to install it. And then the second time. And then the third time. And finally, the one that it worked.