Erin Broecker

No Longer with Cisco

With over 22 years in the tech industry (yikes), I’ve witnessed my fair share of industry and workplace transformation. My first job – as a young pup fresh out of college - was to help market and sell a brand new, cutting edge solution – telephone and data service delivered via HFC (hybrid fiber coax) by cable TV providers.

And so began the blurring of service provider lines, the introduction of bundled services, and new business models. Since those early days with Motorola, I have also worked for a regional Bell provider myself (Ameritech – absorbed by SBC back in 1999) and 3Com.

Now, after more than 15 years with Cisco, I have seen all aspects of Cisco’s business including field sales, partner marketing, public sector, Cisco Capital and more. I currently serve as a Collaboration subject matter expert, having been lured by the workplace evolution – or more accurately revolution - currently underway.

What an exciting time to focus on the technology that will transform how/where/when we all work– an area where Cisco is both a thought leader and a market driver.


August 28, 2017


Make Sure Your Conferencing Vendor Isn’t a One-Trick Pony

4 min read

In the digital age, communication between employees and customers is your lifeline. With so much at stake, conferencing is no place to sacrifice quality or security.

July 13, 2017


Six Steps: Save Up to a Month a Year by Ditching Your Commute

3 min read

We’ve all wished for more hours in the day… The real secret? We just need to be more productive with the time we already have. Reclaim those wasted hours. Ditch the drive in six steps.

October 25, 2016


Igniting a Musical Movement: Operation Encore

3 min read

From a musical perspective, Spark Meetings has enabled the Operation Encore team to collaborate on songs and rehearse via video conferencing. Now, with the song edits finished, attention needs to shift to finalizing the CD artwork and coordinating logistics for the upcoming CD release event in November.

September 7, 2016


Cisco Spark Creates a Musical Connection from the Front Line

3 min read

Operation Encore, a group of active-duty and retired U.S. service members who share their experiences through music. These talented artists span the military branches and are now completing their second album. To help the members connect and collaborate, I introduced them to Cisco Spark.

August 8, 2016


Better Collaboration Services for Those Who’ve Served

3 min read

When we think of collaboration, we often picture a corporate setting. But, what about others like graphic designers and musical groups that need to collaborate from a distance? The veteran music project, Operation Encore was introduced to Cisco Spark via one brief demo. That was all it took. With the “user friendly” app, they now share and store files, communicate real-time through group messaging, and start meetings all from one location, or Spark “room”. This is the first blog of three in a series.