Emily Rain

Project Manager

Customer Experience (CX)

Emily Rain is a Project Manager in Customer Experience (CX) here at Cisco. She began her career at Cisco in June of 2019, after graduating from North Carolina State University in May of 2019. She is located at Cisco’s RTP campus in North Carolina, where she grew up after her parents decided to pack up and leave their home in Long Island, NY to be closer to family. Emily has always had a passion for literature and writing, which is why she studied English while in college. Some other things that Emily is passionate about are: helping others, being overly organized, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, her three dogs, and being a Project Manager here at Cisco!


March 5, 2020


What Makes a Good Mentor?

4 min read

Emily shares her experience as a mentee in her first professional role at Cisco and what makes a good mentor.