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Ellie Daw

Software Engineer
Common Security Modules

Ellie is a Software Engineer who works within Cisco’s Security and Trust Organization to help build Common Security Modules. She has experience in web design and development, and recently has been developing software for the common modules which STO offers.

She is passionate about diversity and giving back, innovation and experimentation, and bringing security and good user experience together.

She is a believer in research and working together with others who are also passionate, which has led her to become a major contributor to security-related open-source projects. She has led trainings for her teams and has also been heavily involved in developing cryptography workshops for cybersecurity youth education initiatives.

Ellie earned her Bachelor’s degree from University of Colorado where she studied Computer Science with Cryptography and Ethical Hacking.

She also holds a GPEN certification for Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking.

Ellie loves to travel, see and learn new things, and embraces all that life throws at her.

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