Dennis Perto

Network Security Consultant

Cisco Champion

I am an enthusiastic security consultant who places great honor in genuinely humble consulting.

I believe in serving the client with expert knowledge, and in not being afraid to admit when I am not the right expert anymore.

Most of my weekly hours at work are spent in front of a screen, placing an extra layer of security in the perimeter gateway with an IDPS, while analyzing the traffic pattern and the intrusion events.

I am constantly developing my skill set towards having a more complete picture of the layers of IT security while evolving my personal human interaction skills.

No two clients, or IT systems, are alike, and they should not be treated as such. My previous and current list of clients range from the energy sector, the defense sector, retail chains to production companies.

No business is too small to need security, and luckily Cisco will be happy to sell you a security appliance in just the size and color you need. As long as the color is black.. or gray.


March 6, 2017


Firepower 2100 – The Architectural “Need to Know”

5 min read

Take a tour of the last few generations of Cisco firewall and their architecture to see why the Firepower 2100 is not at all like the Firepower 4100.