Del White

Global Managing Director, Smart+Connected Communities

Global Public Sector

Del White is a customer- and results-oriented Sales Executive with more than 20 years of experience leading, strategizing, and selling solutions to global customers. He is passionate about the intersection of technology and society: as Global Managing Director of Smart+Connected Communities (S+CC) at Cisco, he plays a part in creating a smarter, more connected world every day. Del started his career in Public Sector. After spending years gaining global experience and expertise in the Enterprise, Commercial, and Service Provider markets, he returned to Public Sector to focus on what he believes is the most important sector for the future of Cisco technology. Leveraging his experience across the Public and Private sector, the S+CC team and Del are uniquely positioned to help drive the creation of a smarter, more sustainable world. Prior to joining the Cisco Global Public Sector S+CC team in 2018, Del was the Senior Director for Global Meetings Sales and managed sales execution for the multi-billion-dollar Global Meeting business, encompassing video and conferencing products, and championed the transition to the cloud with the Incubation Sales team. He has served as the Director of Strategy Planning & Operations, Global Collaboration Sales, developing and managing global sales strategy for Cisco’s multi-billion dollar Collaboration business and Sales Specialist organization. He has also directed Product and Service sales across Enterprise, Commercial and Public Sector with 45 direct and 200+ general Sales (indirect) reports as a Director of Collaboration Sales plus held other positions in technology sales and solutions.


January 10, 2020


Funding Digital Transformation: Public Sector Problem Solvers

3 min read

Funding digital transformation to drive higher quality of life, improve citizen services, and grow can be a challenge, but it is also an opportunity.