David Caren

Systems Architect

dSLED K-14 Education

David Caren started his career at 19 years old traveling the world building virtual private networks for U.S. based companies with overseas operations. His work allowed the overseas offices to access their ERP system securely over the Internet, saving his clients thousands in telecommunications costs. David then joined Cisco where has spent the past 22 years as a Systems Engineer working with a wide array of enterprise and government clients. He earned his CCIE in 2002 and his MBA in 2012. With his deep technical and business background, David is skilled at designing technology solutions aligned with his customers' business goals.


April 6, 2023


Saugus Union School District: “No Tech” to “Full Tech”

3 min read

With some systems still running Windows 95-based platforms and a lack of wireless capabilities, Saugus Union School District realized the need to move from "no tech" to "full tech" blazingly fast - find out how they made it happen.

February 23, 2023


Ransomware: The Cost to K-12 Schools and How to Prevent It

7 min read

Ransomware can cost K-12 schools dearly. Find out the four layered approach that can help protect you from the devastating impacts.