Dan Wing

Distinguished Engineer

Network and Content Security

Dan Wing is a Distinguished Engineer working for the Network and Content Security group at Cisco.  He works across the company on authenticated firewall traversal, session border control technology, several NAT64 implementations.  Dan is currently involved in projects related to DDoS, threat defense, providing user-visible benefits to IPv6, and communicating flow metadata from hosts to network elements.

Outside of Cisco, Dan has co-chaired the IETF BEHAVE working group which was responsible for NAT44 and NAT64 standards, and has co-authored over two dozen IETF standards.  He co-authored Security Descriptions (RFC4568), which is currently the most widely deployed mechanism for keying SRTP.  To improve SRTP keying, he co-chaired two RTPSEC meetings which resulted in DTLS-SRTP being chosen as the replacement.  He is working on enhancing DTLS-SRTP for group keying (EKT).  To improve user experiences with IPv6 dual-stack deployments he co-authored Happy Eyeballs (RFC6555), which is now implemented in Firefox and Chrome web browsers.  His technical contributions on NAT and firewall traversal include co-authoring STUN and editing and co-authoring Port Control Protocol.  He occasionally contributes to Internet Protocol Journal, IETF Journal, and IEEE Internet Computing.

He received his BS in Computer Science from Central Washington University in 1990.  Dan has over two dozen patents issued.


September 2, 2014


Filtering Explicit Content

1 min read

Many web sites provide a setting to reduce the amount of explicit, or objectionable, content returned by the site. The user configures these settings, but many users are unaware such a setting exists, or that it needs to be set for each web site. Additionally, the security administrator cannot audit that users have configured the […]