Danielle Arteaga

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Solutions - Data Center Marketing

Civil litigation and appeals refugee. Master decipherer of handwriting from years of exam grading. Mom to a college student and a 7th grader. Undefeated at Boggle. My primary office is a tornado of toys, unfolded laundry and OMG-what-is-that-smell-in-the-fridge, but I can find stories in your data, give vision to data insights, and animate your PowerPoint slides with nothing but a WiFi connection and a decent Apple Music playlist. Powered by coffee.


September 19, 2019


From Civil Litigator to Cisco: How Cisco Benefits Have Changed My Life

4 min read

Danielle shares how going from Civil Litigator to Cisco has changed her life, and her family's life for the better, especially for her daughter who is on the autism spectrum.