Chase Wolfinger

Distinguished Engineer

Provider Mobility Engineering

With over 25 years in the telecommunication industry, Chase is an industry veteran, with expertise in OSS/BSS systems, 4G/5G network functions, and microservice deployment architectures. Since arriving at Cisco in 2013 after the BroadHop acquisition, Chase has led the architectures for the virtualized Cisco Policy Suite, the containerized Cisco vDRA, the Kubernetes based cloud native deployment platform (CNDP) for Cisco’s 5G network functions, and Cisco’s Private 5G solution. Prior to joining Cisco, Chase held executive consulting and technical leadership roles at CGI Inc and BroadHop. In 2020, Chase was recognized as a Cisco Distinguished Engineer, for his ability to guide business leaders in translating innovations to business opportunities, and for his notable depth and breadth of technical expertise. In 1995, Chase graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Computer Engineering.


February 9, 2023


Building a Commercial Scale 4G/5G Cloud Native Architecture and Platform

4 min read

The transition to 5G provided an opportunity for the industry to leverage new technology developed to deploy applications across public and private clouds.  By embracing a cloud-native architecture, the industry is steering in a new direction.