Coty Sugg

Product Marketing Manager

SecureX Product Marketing

Coty Sugg is a Product Marketing Manager for Cisco SecureX. He has a passion for creating content to help translate the goals and ideas of all the teams that work in security to help ensure everyone’s voices are being heard and understood. Whether he’s writing blogs or creating collateral for a product or feature, he likes to make sure that the message is clear and easy to understand for the audience. Prior to working at Cisco, Coty worked as a Corporate Communications Manager, content creator, and writer for a security events marketing company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Going even further back, he also worked as a technical writer and marketing intern for Lancope’s Stealthwatch team. In his spare time, Coty enjoys playing video games with friends, watching movies, reading, and cooking.


May 19, 2021


Introducing Device Insights for Cisco SecureX

3 min read

Introducing Cisco SecureX device insights. Learn how this feature can provide your organization with a comprehensive endpoint inventory within SecureX.