Costas Kleopa

Manager, Cisco Security Business Group

Costas Kleopa is a manager at the Security Business Group (SBG) where he contributes on the roadmap of the Next Generation Firewall products of Cisco. In this role, Costas is responsible for adding new capabilities and coverage to the overall Network Discovery and Firewall components of Cisco’s products.

Current projects include Snort’s use of OpenAppID, an open source application detection language, which along with its application detectors gives users the ability to see their overall application coverage in their network.


August 6, 2015


Securing the IoE with OpenAppID

1 min read

We introduced OpenAppID in early 2014 with the goal of empowering customers and the open source community to control application usage in their network environments. Since then, we have increased our coverage from 1,000 OpenAppID detectors to more than 2,600, and have received valuable feedback from the community on ways to improve the product. The […]