Claranne Jones

Project Manager

Customer Experience Academy (CXA)

Claranne (Clar+Ann) Jones is a Project Manager in the Customer Experience organization, focusing on Learning & Development opportunities which develop and launch Cisco’s exceptional talent, enabling them to better deliver the best customer experience in the industry. She is one of three adopted children, with dual-citizenship with Ireland and the United States and she loves traveling and immersing herself in new cultures and experiences.

Originally studying to become a classically trained concert pianist, a career-ending injury forced her to start over in her professional path after receiving her Masters of Music from the University of Notre Dame. Her first passion was music, but now she channels her inner, creative artist into design and delivery of global, professional skills training.

When not taking advantage of Cisco’s flexible work-life balance as she works from home, you’ll find her trotting the globe in some exotic location. She still likes to sit down and play the piano for her own pleasure, is an avid salsa dancer, has visited Mexico alone over 50 times, adores the two black-and-white cats she adopted from the shelter, and is finally learning a second language.


February 10, 2020


When Life Changes Forever, There’s Cisco 

4 min read

When Claranne's life changed forever due to an unfortunate Thanksgiving Day accident, her career as a musician and accompanist was over. Not knowing where to turn, she went to a recruiter - and that's how she found the tech industry and Cisco.