Chris Romeo

Chief Security Advocate

Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle (CSDL) program

Chris Romeo is the Chief Security Advocate within the Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle (CSDL) program. He guides the Security Advocate program, empowering engineers to "build security in" to all products at Cisco. He led the creation of Cisco’s internal end to end product security awareness program which launched in 2012. Chris has twenty years of experience in information security, holding positions across the security gamut, including secure product development, penetration testing, and incident response. Chris holds the CISSP certification and is fond of saying “We are all security people”.


April 30, 2015


The Cisco Security Dojo

3 min read

Over the past three years, Cisco has invested in the creation of an application security awareness program. The program helps the good citizens of this company understand, apply, and act upon a strategy to build more trustworthy products. We launched the existence of the program to the world at the RSA Conference 2015. I am […]

December 17, 2013


A Thief Inside of Cisco? SecCon 2013 San Jose

3 min read

A thief on the loose you say, at Cisco Systems, in San Jose? Turns out he was invited. Apollo Robbins was one of the headliners for Cisco SecCon in San Jose during the first week of December. Mr. Robbins taught us an important lesson about security: seeing is not always believing. Apollo demonstrated the art […]

December 2, 2013


SecCon 2013: Global and Local

2 min read

SecCon is our internal security conference, which for the past five years has taken place live in San Jose. Many industry recognized experts  over the years have graced the stage, and the security community at Cisco looks forward to each December where we gather together to network  and  learn  about the new threats that face […]