Chris Fry

InfoSec Investigations Manager Public Division: Cisco CSIRT

Chris Fry has been a member of the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) at Cisco Systems, Inc for 10 years, focusing on deployment of intrusion detection, network monitoring tools, and incident investigation. He began his career at Cisco in 1997 as an IT analyst, supporting Cisco's production services. His four years as a Network Engineer in Cisco IT's internal network support organization give him valuable knowledge about and unique insight into monitoring production enterprise networks.

In his current role as an Investigations Manager with CSIRT he helps to ensure company, system, and data preservation by performing comprehensive investigations into computer security incidents. Current projects and focus are on planning, implementing, and monitoring security measures that utilize collaborative intelligence to detect and prevent advanced threats. Chris contributes to the security community as a presenter at CiscoLive, an author with O'Reilly Media (http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596518165.do), participating in CiscoOnCisco projects(http://www.cisco.com/web/about/ciscoitatwork/index.html), and regular engagement with customers as a trusted advisor via Cisco's Executive Briefing Center (http://www.cisco.com/web/about/ac156/about_cisco_visiting_cisco_home.html).

Chris holds a BA in Corporate Financial Analysis and an MS in Information and Communication Sciences from Ball State University. He lives near Raleigh, NC with his wife, 3 kids, and 3 dogs.

The Cisco CSIRT can be contacted from the RFC 2350 page on www.cisco.com.



May 18, 2015


Trojanized PuTTY Software

4 min read

This post was authored by Cisco CSIRT’s Robert Semans, Brandon Enright, James Sheppard, and Matt Healy. In late 2013­­­–early 2014, a compromised FTP client dubbed “StealZilla,” based off the open source FileZilla FTP client was discovered. The attackers modified a few lines of code, recompiled the program, and disbursed the trojanized version on compromised web […]

February 2, 2015


Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report: Strong Leadership Helps Address Security Challenges

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For security strategies to succeed, security needs a seat at the table. In my work as an investigations manager for Cisco, I’ve seen first-hand how much more passion and enthusiasm enterprise leaders will put into security efforts when there is support all the way to the top of the organization. The Cisco Security Capabilities Benchmark […]