Carl Niger

Consulting Engineer

My name is Carl Niger, and I have an unhealthy obsession with routing. I really do. I’m lucky to really enjoy what I do. I’ve been working in networking now since I first joined the Air Force  about 8 years ago. I’ve spent time doing networking for the Air Force, a major health care company, and now at a myriad of other industries in my current job as a consultant.

I have an alphabet soup of Cisco certifications that i’ve acquired, being of course most proud of achieving my CCIE R/S. Being a glutton for punishment I am set to sit my CCIE SP lab very shortly, so hopefully I’ll have that to add to the list soon!

When not doing my day job or creating crazy topologies in my home lab, I enjoy working and driving cars and motorcycles, snowboarding, and traveling to cool places (New Zealand is still my favorite).


August 21, 2014


Is Networking Cool — Again? Yup!

4 min read

I don’t think that anyone can deny that being in the IT industry at this time is exciting and interesting. It’s also exhausting. There is a ton of hyperbole floating...