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Bernadette Wightman

Managing Director
Commercial and Partner Organisation, Emerging Theatre

Bernadette is the Managing Director of Cisco Commercial & Partner Organisation, Emerging Theatre. She is responsible for overseeing the partner activity across the whole of the Emerging theatre. Since joining Cisco in 1999, Bernadette has held various positions including leading the UK and Ireland Small and Medium Business Organisation. She hopes to take this experience into the emerging markets and develop the opportunities presented across the MEAR countries.

Bernadette is also Executive Sponsor for Cisco’s ‘Connected Women’ Network, which aims to inspire and attract the best female talent into the ICT industry. Her passion has led to her becoming a figurehead in this area, with regular appearances at events and being listed on the Top 10 most influential women in IT in the UK.

Bernadette’s passions include shoes, architecture, modern art and her husband and son, of course.

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