Ben Varghese


Cisco Consulting Services

Ben Varghese is an Emerging Technology Consultant for Cisco Consulting Services, specializing in bringing the Internet of Everything to life. He works with CEOs of the biggest companies in the world to create new business models using new and disruptive technologies.

Ben has found that embracing change is critical for the continued success of the Fortune 100, and the prototypes he creates in his lab push the limits of what a company can achieve.  By harnessing bleeding-edge technologies like robotics, wearables, Virtual & Augmented Reality, and automation, Ben brings value where previously there was only empty space.

Prior to his role at Cisco Consulting Services, Ben impacted Cisco IT by creating a scalable, hackathon-based service offering to spur innovation and employee engagement for fellow colleagues.  The event has grown to include participation from 11 countries and hundreds of employees.

Ben previously held positions at 3M and Booz Allen Hamilton, implementing Business Intelligence solutions and mobile platform support.

As a professional speaker, Ben covers innovation and technology topics with diverse executive audiences ranging from a biotech company to a global leadership school.  He blends industry disruption, technology consulting, and sales expertise into something truly exciting and fun.

Ben holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Technology from Purdue University. In his free time, Ben builds motorcycles, 3D printers, and startup companies.


November 11, 2014


Technology that Works: on the Farm, in the Lab, or in the Marketplace

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