Bum Coo Cho

Vice President

Cisco Korea Sales

BC has a bold vision, coupled with a diverse set of abilities; a combination of broad understanding of the IT field, excellent management skills and leadership based on his 30 years of experience. As the theater lead of Korea, BC takes charge of the transformation and innovation required in the IoT era and drives digital transformation in Korea by customizing Cisco’s vision of digitization to the domestic industry and market. In June 2009, BC joined Cisco Korea. During his two and a half years of the company, he successfully led significant projects, including Songdo Smart City development. Starting in December 2011, BC led the B2B sector at Samsung Electronics, including mobile and wired/wireless integration, as the head of the B2B Solutions Center and lead of the Mobile B2B Team, and later as the head of the Global B2B Business Team, B2B Global Center. He also developed a number of significant businesses with major industries and government entities in multiple countries. BC started his career at Accenture in 1989, holding a number of positions as an expert in IT technology and business consulting for domestic and international companies for 20 years. He was appointed as the head of High-Tech Industry for Accenture Korea in 2004 and in September 2008, he took over the role of managing director of APAC Electronics and High-Tech Industry, overseeing the home appliance consumer electronics sector for the APAC region, including China and Japan. BC holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Seoul National University and a master’s degree from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).


April 27, 2021


How to: Embrace Industry 4.0 in Your Factory

5 min read

Manufacturing is a core driver of growth around the world. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) continues to accelerate innovation, how do you tap into its full potential? Get Bum Coo Cho's perspective in this Industry 4.0 deep dive.