Beate Aftret

Consulting Engineer

Customer Experience (CX)

Beate Aftret is a Network Consulting Engineer at Cisco, working in Customer Experience (CX). She started her journey with Cisco at the Brisbane, Australia office doing an intership. The internship is called the 4B Internship, and was a collaboration between Data#3, Women In Digital (WID), and Cisco. After finishing her bachelor degrees in Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Information Technology, she moved back to Norway. In Norway, she started her graduate role in the CX Program, as an Assosiate Network Consulting Engineer in Cisco. When the program was finished, she became a Network Consulting Engineer in Cisco. She is very motivated and excited for her future at Cisco. Beate has several hobbies, which includes knitting, hiking, baking and yoga. She also spends her time travelling to many different countries, as she enjoys learning about cultures and history.


July 9, 2024


Around the World with Cisco: From Student to Intern to CX Consulting Engineer

3 min read

Beate's Cisco journey began with an internship in Australia, introducing her to a world of career opportunities, and a consulting engineer role in her home of Norway.