Anthony Mattke

Network engineer

Network Engineer currently serving the enterprise data center market. In the past he has worked for ISPs, Data Centers, and even started his own consulting practice. Tony is a bit of a nut, who enjoys collecting tidbits of knowledge about far too many topics, and talking about himself in the third person.


October 7, 2015


The complexity required for robustness, often goes against robustness

2 min read

In the past few months we have seen major outages from United Airlines, the NYSE, and the Wall Street Journal. With almost 5,000 flights grounded, and NYSE halting trading the cost of failure is high. When bad things happen IT personal everywhere look at increasing fault tolerance by adding redundancy mechanisms or protocols to increase […]

January 20, 2015


5 Steps to Make Mentoring your New Years Resolution

2 min read

When people think of mentoring, the images of an apprentice learning from his master are often rendered. The senior blacksmith guiding his pupil through the craft he has spent his life perfecting. Over the years mentoring has changed, and today it is used throughout business to guide the greenhorns throughout their craft, or even life. […]