Ann Swenson

Security Marketing

Global Marketing and Communications

Ann Swenson manages marketing strategy for Cisco Security. In her current role she is focused on cybersecurity solutions, gaining insight into how organizations balance their desires for business innovation and digitization with the need to secure their – and their customers’ – assets, information, applications and systems. She is interested in how people collaborate and use technology, and how organizations navigate through potentially complex technology and business transitions. Those interests influenced a marketing career that has spanned security and collaboration professional services, technology and products.


July 23, 2018


Ransomware: Are you ready?

1 min read

While there is no silver bullet for fighting ransomware, there are many things that an organization can do to avoid falling victim to this type of attack.

January 8, 2018


Incident Response: Are you ready?

2 min read

We created a short eBook to help security professionals deal with“what if” scenarios by building and strengthening incident response plans, thereby identifying what to do when things go wrong.

October 26, 2016


Top 3 Actions to Take Now to Secure Your Digitization Strategy

4 min read

At Cisco, we talk a lot about cybersecurity as a strategic advantage for organizations. We believe that a strong security program must be an inherent component of a digitization strategy....

February 16, 2016


Take a Strategic Approach to Security Segmentation

3 min read

[This post was written by Pavan Reddy, Customer Solutions Director, Cisco Security Services] You’ve read the stats: by the end of the decade, the Internet of Everything will result in 50 billion networked connections of people, process data and things. You don’t need to look far to see it come to life in your own […]