Andrey Titov

Director of Business Intelligence and Business

Service Provider Business Unit

Lead of Business Intelligence team for Service Provider Business Unit, the team that is responsible for the end-to-end spectrum of business intelligence activities of the business unit – from data management and visualization to supporting strategic decisions to introducing new commercial offers and growing the business. I am all about the data, analytics and insights and their applications to drive decisions. Once thing that I am excited about is learning new things and meeting people. I grew up in Ukraine, got my education in Russia, came to US for my doctoral degree and decided to stay. Even in USA, I lived in New Jersey, Massachusetts and now in California. Also I am a big health enthusiast and this is where my passion about data and health learnings are nicely overlapping. I am continuously research various health topics, applying findings to myself and tracking health changes through all possible health tracking devices. Read about my health learnings at Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PracticalHealthForever


February 26, 2020


One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

3 min read

Andrey shares how in one picture his team highlighted Cisco's diversity - 8 employees from 8 countries. He shares his top 4 reasons for why he loves working at Cisco!