Andrew Lach

Marketing Management, Manufacturing Industry

Andrew Lach is a Marketing Manager at Cisco who is currently supporting the Global Retail Industry team as part of Cisco’s post-MBA Leadership Development Rotation Program (LDRP). This program is designed to expose its members to 4 different Cisco marketing groups over a period of 2 years. Over the past year, Andrew has held roles in Cisco’s Manufacturing Industry and Analyst Relations. In his current role with the retail team, Andrew is supporting National Retail Federation (NRF) activities, content development, and new product introductions.

Andrew brings a diverse background of 10 years of biotechnology experience to Cisco. His previous experience ranges from scientific research on the Human Genome Project at Harvard University to virtualization software product marketing at VMware. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Vanderbilt University, a Masters in Management Information Systems from Harvard University and an MBA from Duke University. An east-coaster his entire life, Andrew is enjoying his new residence in California with his wife and newborn son.


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