Andrew Henderson

Product Manager, Webex Teams

Team Collaboration Group

Andrew Henderson is Product Manager for the Webex Teams device & content experiences, working on features such as Proximity pairing that help users share content effortlessly with Webex Devices.

Prior to joining the Product Management team, Andrew was Design Manager for the Cisco Jabber collaboration app and he brings a lot of that Design experience into the Product Management Team

Andrew has an MSc in Computer Science & Psychology and a BA in Industrial Design and has been awarded 6 patents for design work.

Andrew lives in Ireland and is based out of the Cisco offices in Galway city.


August 29, 2019


Webex Teams Stickies: Organize Your Ideas, Tasks & Projects

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Whiteboarding in Webex Teams is not just the digital equivalent of markers and Post-It notes, it’s a new paradigm for the digitized workspace.

June 27, 2019


Webex Teams & On-Premise Devices

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February 19, 2019


Projecting Into the Future with Webex Teams

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Cisco has revolutionized meeting rooms over the past decade. Cisco’s hardware, software, and services work together to make sharing content easier than with a projector - now via on-premises Webex Devices.