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Alice Pollard

Innovation Architect
Cisco HyperInnovation Living Labs (CHILL)

Alice Pollard has a number of roles in the Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs (CHILL) team. She Leads the delivery of all CHILL Living Lab Experiences globally, which includes curating the cohort, research and discovery, event planning and logistics as well as managing all communication and ensuring the events are delivered without a hitch. Having been with CHILL since its inception at the beginning of 2015, she is responsible for all CHILL team communications as well managing some of CHILL’s customer relationships.

She comes from a diverse background having spent over a decade in Real Estate as a Property Manager back home in her native Australia. She’s also worked within recruitment and marketing and brings with her a vast amount of knowledge and experience. She’s definitely a people person and loves spending time forming and deepening relationships with stakeholders, customers and her Cisco colleagues alike.

Having lived in four countries in the past 8 years she considers herself a Global Nomad and delights in travelling and discovering new places and tastes. She currently resides in Mumbai but will be moving to Dubai in the upcoming months and looks forward to becoming a local there.

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