Alexander Stevenson

DevNet Engineer

Internet of Things (IoT)

Alexander taught himself the BASIC programming language as a child, whereas today his favorite languages are Python and JavaScript.

By trade, he was a Network Engineer first, after earning his B.S. in Network Systems and Data Communications from Keiser University. He then graduated from Code Platoon coding bootcamp in Chicago and worked as a Software Engineer for Apple, among other companies, before joining Cisco’s DevNet.

These days, you’ll find him in the IoT Lab, using code to interact with smart and edge devices via Cisco devices and networks.


September 9, 2020


IoT on Cisco: Creating a Portable Temperature Screener – Part 2

Keeping people safe. See how Cisco customers and partners can use commercially available materials and Cisco’s IoT platform to develop solutions that require deploying an IR thermal camera on an edge device and managing it remotely from the cloud.

July 30, 2020


IoT on Cisco Solutions: Creating a Portable Temperature Screener – Part 1

See how we built an IoT IR thermal camera to be deployed on Cisco Edge Devices, such as the IR829 Router, and manage it remotely from the cloud.