Azita Kia

Engineering Technical Leader

Mobility CTO Office

Azita is a technical lead with the Cisco Mobility CTO office where she has been focusing on private cellular network design and development. Her career spans more than 25 years at Cisco Enterprise and Service Provider Engineering during which time she’s contributed to the development of several pioneering technologies and platforms including VoIP, cyber security, video transport over packet, data center, and cloud computing. For the past several years Azita has focused on multi-access wireless networks, edge computing, and private 5G. Her extensive experiences in development of networking technologies enables her to identify emerging topics that involve convergence of disparate technology domains such as cellular and Wi-Fi. She has a passion for keeping technology real by focusing on customer pain points and developing optimal solutions with a keen eye on simplification of operations and tightening of security. Azita holds a BS and MS in Computer Science and a BA in Biological Sciences from UC Santa Barbara, and continues to be active with UC Santa Barbara on research topics. She is an avid reader and observer of how technology affects human life and society.


January 16, 2023


P5G Evolution in the Enterprise Going Forward

4 min read

Read the 5G Americas white paper “Enterprise Evolution with 5G Adoption” to learn the latest about P5G innovations for the enterprise