Ajantha Ramachandran

Senior Business Analyst


Ajantha “Aj” Ramachandran Joined Cisco in 2015 and as a Business Analyst she works to automate and optimize processes while on the CPS GSAO organization. Prior to this, Ramachandran graduated with her Masters of Arts at age 21 has gained experience with revenue optimization as well as sales, corporate, and executive compensation which help her in her current role; creating new tools and processes for specific departments which help drive revenue. With this blend of experience, her specialty is understanding what motivates her audience and makes her work more effective. According to her teammates, she’s an “excel-guru” and she makes the workday more fun.

After work you can usually find her running around town marathon training or relaxing by the pool writing her blog. She spends her weekends going to dog-friendly places for brunch with her fiancé and puppy, flying home to New Orleans to visit family, or volunteering at animal rescue adoption events.

Follow her marathon journey at www.ajsmilesrun95.wordpress.com and on Instagram at @ajsmilesrun.95


July 27, 2016


What Gives This Employee Marathon Motivation?

3 min read

The most important part of running a marathon isn’t necessarily one foot in front of the other, it’s the networking and...