Aaron Weis

Market Intelligence Manager

Cisco Security Business Group

Aaron Weis is a Market Intelligence Manager in the Security Business Group at Cisco, performing research on the security industry. His work stretches across numerous facets, including trends in the security capabilities and resources of organizations, as well as the business impact of security risks and threats. Through this research, Aaron has worked to create content for Cisco’s security reports as well as focused content for numerous industries and countries. He is passionate about helping to inform the market so businesses understand the benefits of securing themselves in the face of today’s growing cyber threats.


March 22, 2017


“Time to Evolve” Analysis Yields New Insight on Malware Obfuscation Techniques and Adds Dimension to “Time to Dete …

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[Blog authored by Aaron Weis and Samuel Wigley] Cisco has been measuring our security products’ median “time to detection” (TTD) — the window of time between a compromise and detection of a threat — since 2015. This exercise is a way for us to benchmark our progress, and continually refine our approach, to detecting threats. […]