Tim Sammut

Incident Manager
Cisco Security Research & Operations

Tim Sammut is a member of the Office of the CTO within Cisco Security Solutions. In this role Tim focuses on security service innovation projects and fostering broad innovation activities across a worldwide organization of roughly 300 engineers. In previous roles at Cisco, Tim has lead company-wide initiatives involving the product security impact of bundled third-party and open source software across Cisco's expansive product portfolio and provided direct security-related consulting services to Cisco's largest customers.

Tim's passion outside his innovation-specific role at Cisco is targeted security attacks against individuals with a focus on those individuals working in high-risk settings to improve the world.

In general, Tim enjoys marrying creativity and technology to tackle difficult problems. He is a triple CCIE, #6642, and a published author with more than 20 years of professional experience and many additional years consumed by a personal fascination of computers, networking and security.

Tim co-captains Team Sammut, together with his wife, in their ongoing pursuit of outdoor adventures in vintage four-wheel drive trucks.

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