Lee Calcote

Sr. Software Engineering Manager

Cloud and Virtualization Group

Lee Calcote is a Sr. Software Engineering Manager in Cisco's Cloud and Virtualization Group, a market-driven organization leading industry transformation in cloud infrastructure software and services. Calcote has championed engineering of Cisco's cloud management platform  – Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud. His teams are helping build and deliver the Intercloud platform, focusing on technologies supporting running cloud-based and enterprise-architected applications from an OpenStack-centric perspective and are currently stewarding the Docker@Cisco community by fostering its use within existing and new product offerings.

Previously part of the Smart Services Technology Group, Calcote led development of network management systems utilized by Cisco Remote Management Services. Remote Management Services are designed to proactively manage, monitor, and protect complex networks of emerging and advanced technologies based on an ITIL operations model.

Calcote joined Cisco in 2008, bringing a decade of technological expertise from a variety of roles previously held. As a faculty member of California State University, Fresno, he lectured to budding technologists in the Cisco Networking Academy Program. He served on advisory boards to the Electronic Systems Technology school of Fresno City College and the Design Advisory Committee for Clovis East High School, Clovis, CA.

As a network engineer at Pelco, Calcote led a team of systems, software and network engineers in the design of an element management system to proactively monitor proprietary video surveillance security systems. Exercising open-source technologies, he championed efforts such as a shift to RIAs, WAN bandwidth throttling, proprietary protocol load-balancing and high-availability and implementation of SNMP throughout Pelco's product lines. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Calcote's career includes other roles a web consultant, systems analyst, network administrator and sole proprietor.

Having received a Distinguished Service award from the school of Computer Science of the University of South Dakota and an Outstanding Service award from the Industrial Technology school of the California State University, Fresno, he received a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and an MBA from California State University, Fresno. Just for fun, he retains a list of industry certifications.

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