Bob Friday

Director Engineering, Wireless Technology Group


Bob Friday has spent his career developing unlicensed wireless networking technology and products. Fourteen of those years were spent at Metricom developing and deploying three generations of unlicensed outdoor wireless mesh networks. At Metricom Bob was directly responsible for the development of three generations of outdoor unlicensed radio hardware and as Chief RF Scientist was directly responsible for the performance and capacity of Metricom's nationwide Ricochet network. As a founder of Airespace, Bob brought his experience from the outdoor wireless service provider market to the indoor wireless enterprise market introducing a centralized controller architecture to enterprise 802.11 wireless networks. At Airspace Bob was responsible for the radio hardware development, radio resource management algorithms, location technology and mesh wireless routing technology. Following Cisco's acquisition of Airespace, Bob continues his focus on developing mesh, location and new wireless technologies.

Mr. Friday holds a BSEE from Georgia Tech and a MSEE in communications from San Jose State University.


November 4, 2013


Mobility Means New Business Opportunities

We are living in a new mobile world evolved from the convergence of two separate mobile experiences: our cellular (mobile voice) world and our Wi-Fi (mobile data) world.

April 2, 2013


Looking Beyond the Mobile Phone

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