Knowledge = Opportunity + Advancement

“Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.”

Over fifty years later, this insight from the famed father of modern management, Peter Drucker, still rings true.  In fact, more so than ever in our increasingly technology-driven era.

Opportunity Knocks!

With so much information about technology at our fingertips, how can business and IT professionals efficiently develop the knowledge they need to expand their opportunities and advance their careers apace?

How Can You Take Advantage?

We recently explored data virtualization’s value in general, and how Cisco itself uses this agile data integration approach to drive significant benefits.   So, with Peter Drucker’s advice and your career in mind, what it the best way for you to gain knowledge about data virtualization, so you can take advantage?

You are in luck.  We’ve made it easy for you.

Announcing the Cisco Data Virtualization Knowledgebase

The Cisco Data Virtualization Knowledgebase is your one-stop, self-service shop for information on Cisco data virtualization products and services.

The knowledge base contains a range of useful content, including business and technical white papers, tutorials, tech tips, and Cisco Information Server product documentation, as well as links to myriad additional resources, Cisco training, Cisco support, and more.

Role-based Content Accelerates Your Learning

The knowledgebase is designed to support multiple roles, including:

  • Evaluators who need to assess Cisco Information Server business and technical capabilities
  • Installers who must deploy Cisco Information Server instances
  • New developers who need to gain a basic understanding of the Cisco Information Server development process
  • Experienced developers who need to master Cisco Information Server’s more advanced functionality
  • Business analysts who want to find and use Cisco Information Server data sets
  • Analytics and business intelligence developers who want to integrate Cisco Information Server data sets into their solutions
  • System administrators who must manage and monitor their Cisco Information Server environments
  • Executives who need to accelerate revenue, lower costs, reduce risk, and improve compliance using Cisco data virtualization products and services

The knowledgebase’s Learning Map organizes content by role to accelerate both initial learning and ongoing use.

Getting Started is Easy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million.  Watch this short one for a quick overview of the content and how it’s organized.   Then quickly “power up” your career with the knowledge you require.




Bob Eve

No Longer with Cisco