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Delivering Better Transportation Solutions In a Connected World With Cisco IoE”>watch

Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, the U.S. Department of Transportation.  It’s no surprise why they were front and center at the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) World Congress which wrapped up in Detroit last week.   But, Cisco? Barry Einsig, Cisco Global Transportation Executive and John Gillan, Sales Relationship Manager for Cisco Advanced Services prepare for a customer meeting at ITS World Congress. “Reinventing Transportation in our Connect…


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Location Based Services Enabling Smart Connected Cities

Smart Cities and the Internet of Everything have become commonly used terms over the past year or two. Both represent huge opportunities for both business growth and also for the delivery of better services and experiences for consumers and citizens alike. The size of this IoE opportunity has been widely predicted to exceed $14 Trillion[1] and within this just the Smart Cities component has been estimated to be worth $1,266 Billion[2] by 2019.  …


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Internet of Things – The Technical Reality

…s well. Trains deal with moving people and stuff. They can already do it more efficiently than any other form of transportation Railroads are four times more fuel efficient than trucks. They can move one ton of goods about 500 miles on a single gallon of fuel. They are on average 20 times more efficient than the automobile for transportation of passengers…assuming they are filled to capacity. In fact, efficiency goes way down when they run with a…


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Traffic in parallel

In my last entry, I gave a vehicles-driving-in-a-city analogy for network traffic. Let’s tie that analogy back to HPC and MPI. The “managed chaos” of tribillions of individual point-to-point network flows generally works because each vehicle follows a common set of basic driving rules. By its very nature, it is very difficult to make specific predictions about the behavior of this traffic. Similarly, it can be difficult to opt…


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Congratulations to the IoT Innovation Grand Challenge Semi-finalists!

In April 2014, Cisco announced the IoT Innovation Grand Challenge , a global, open competition aimed at recognizing, promoting and accelerating the adoption of breakthrough technologies that will contribute to the growth and evolution of the Internet of Things.  The response was overwhelming with fantastic submissions. We received over 800 submissions from startups all over the world on a diverse set of topics – from agriculture to Wifi with…


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