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Attending Cisco Live 2014? Nine Internet of Things (IoT) solution demos you must see!

…on, and across city infrastructure.  With IOx and Fog Computing,  sensors can benefit from greater intelligence, act and communicate to each other autonomously, providing new capabilities to support operations. IoT Connected Transportation Example The technology transition we are seeing today with the Internet of Things – to connect the unconnected – is delivering unprecedented value to people, processes, data and things.  IoT is…


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My #InternetOfEverything Perspective: Why the Global Society Needs IoE”

…ement is likely to become more powerful if the ice in the Arctic fully melts out one summer in coming decades, as many experts suspect that it will. The Internet of Everything Drives the Future of Transportation Our everyday transportation has its benefits, like getting us to and from work. However, as more car crashes continue to claim lives, the rise of smart transportation, connected workers and changing attitudes about driving could help…


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Are You Ready for Cisco Partner Summit 2014? This Checklist Will Help!

…ore Wednesday. iTunes Google Play ☐ 6. Enjoy Cisco Gold Card perks! Partners joining us in Las Vegas will be part of a VIP program with perks that start the minute you arrive in Las Vegas. We call it the Cisco Gold Card: VIP transportation between the airport and the hotel – Cisco Ambassadors will be onsite at the airport (Terminal 1 and 3 baggage claim areas) and the hotel to escort you to our executive coaches when you need a ride. Access to a…


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Unlocking the Connected Guest Experience

…est experience does not begin and end with new keyless door entry capabilities. In fact, the new technologies happening in hotels are also happening across various industries. New mobile capabilities in retail, education and transportation are creating new ways for customers, students and citizens to receive engaging content that can transform their experience. Some examples include: Retailers can offer shoppers mobile updates when they are in…


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From Cisco Live Milan…with Love

…M, Application Policy Infrastructure Controller, Enterprise Module. Again, these are coming soon. For now, we whet your appetite with a few of the great standalone conversations we had that are now trickling out.  Connected Transportation, which I initially confused with our IoE or Internet of Everything….but its not the same of course. Barry Einsig comes to Cisco from a very in depth background in all things transportation. Its a great…