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Cisco to Provide Secure Ops Solution to Royal Dutch Shell

…cases, and customer experiences as part of  the Internet of Everything.  This time the symposium will focus on transportation and energy, key areas where IoT can change the life of every human being. To complement the IoT relevance in Energy, you will have seen the press release today from Cisco highlighting the adoption of the Cisco Secure Ops Solution by Royal Dutch Shell, details of which were shared with delegates at the forum (and if not I&…


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Intelligent Transportation Systems Require Intelligent Mobile Networks”

At the ITS World Congress last month in Detroit, we saw a wide range of intelligent transportation solutions and concepts. The most popular solutions on display –presented by several Auto Manufacturers, ITS suppliers, and Cisco along with partner Cohda Wireless – were simulated and live Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) demonstrations, which showed how vehicles will communicate to each other and to roadside infrastruct…


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Fog – A Clear Vision

….  Big-name companies like GE, Itron and SAP have developed solutions utilizing IOx, focused on industries like transportation, oil & gas, mining or construction. Start-ups are getting into the mix as well, recognizing fog computing as a major business opportunity. BitStew created a distribution and substation management application, providing real-time insight to utility companies. Davra Networks developed a system to monitor school bus flee…


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Cisco at OpenStack Summit, Paris

…o Booth Rally Challenge (instructions onsite) will receive a ticket for the Evening Reception held at Faust, an entertainment facility located at the foot of the Ivalides Esplanade, underneath the Alexandre III Bridge.  Shuttle transportation will be available.  Food and drinks will be served.  This is an awesome location and might very well be the highlight of the week.          …


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Drop the IT-Centric Mindset: Securing IoT Networks Requires New Thinking

…n’s existing IT network with the operational technology (OT) network (e.g., manufacturing floors, energy grids, transportation systems, and other industrial control systems) expands the depth of security challenges and makes threat remediation remarkably more complex. While IT and OT were once separate networks, they’re now simply different environments within a single extended network ‒ but by no means are they the same! The architectures, opera…


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