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2011-A Year of Renewal for the Financial Services Industry

Innovation seems to be back on the menu for many of the leading Financial Services players in 2011. It is a different type of Innovation though: it comes with a sense of urgency and a need to radically transform the business. It has moved from the category of a “nice to have” to a “need to have”. Why is that? Mainly because many of the traditional Revenue and Profit ‘carpets’ have been pulled out from under the feet of th…


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Innovation: Wireless Networking Ingenuity from Cisco!

Wow — I’m impressed. We have the best folks in Cisco. I’m sure of it. The best in the industry. And I don’t just mean me (he jests)! No, really, Cisco’s innovation is ‘on fire’ as John Chambers puts it. I’m not just saying that because I work at Cisco. I’m saying it because I meet up with folks every day at Cisco who simply impress me with their down-and-out inventiveness. It might be products, pr…


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Working Together in Education: Broadening Curricula and Increasing Access to Foster Innovation

…is a proven path forward, one that the United States has traveled with great success before: the rising path of innovation. After the Civil War and World War II, in particular, America restored its economic momentum with great bursts of technological innovation, paired with ambitious national commitments to education. There is a key role that telepresence can play here to help us all work together for education and innovation. When you eliminate…


Q&A with Soni Jiandani, VP, Server Access and Virtualization

…up.  To learn more, you can read an interview with Soni in which she shares her thoughts “On the Nature of Innovation.” In “On the Nature of Innovation” she discusses such topics as Fibre Channel Over Ethernet, Cisco ASICs, merchant silicon,  and more. Soni states, in part: “Throughout our history we have maintained a close collaboration with our customers in order to understand their current requirements and vision…


On the Nature of Innovation

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Soni Jiandani about the nature of innovation at Cisco.  For those of you who know her, you know she knows a thing or two about bringing innovation to market.  Soni is currently a VP in the Server Access and Virtualization Business Unit. In a prior role, she was Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s LAN and SAN switching business unit within the Data Center, Switching and Wireless Technology Gro…


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