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Effective Global Threat Intelligence Doesn’t Just Happen”>here

…is that I work for an organization with unique qualifications to lead the movement to collective, crowd-sourced cyber security. Cisco has customers all over the globe that have agreed to share threat intelligence data with us for analysis and redistribution back to the community. This process evolved as a byproduct of our main line network products, solutions, and services business. It also hasn’t escaped our notice that these efforts not o…


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Accelerating Real World Cybersecurity Solutions Through Private-Public Partnerships

I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural signing of National Cybersecurity Excellence Partnership agreements yesterday. Key stakeholders in attendance included National Security Agency Director, General Keith Alexander, Senator Barbara Mikulski, Dr. Pat Gallagher of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, and several members of the Cisco team. Established in 2012 through a partnership be…


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Cyber Security – CSO Insights

John Stewart, Cisco Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer, explains how Cyber Security is at the forefront of today’s “hacktivism” campaign and becoming a popular topic not only to security professionals, but CEO’s as well. John highlights the importance of “in-memory” threats and how data is no longer on software or disk while being extremely difficult to track. The evolution of Cisco IT’s BY…


Vectoring to a New Mission

…and analysis of phenomena visible in Cisco and customer networks, and application of innovative thinking about security practices and processes, we see enormous potential for developing and delivering threat-focused approaches to cyber security into products, services, and solutions. Our strategy to execute this mission calls for: Building on established and unique Cisco competencies in the areas of network monitoring, data analysis, and prescr…


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Compliance versus Security

…urity issues that can keep you awake at night. But do you know the difference between compliance and enterprise security? Being compliant is not synonymous with being secure, that’s why our webcast on April 16, is focused on how to bridge the gap between PCI compliance and security to minimize the impact of an attack. Dr. Larry Ponemon of the Ponemon Research Institute will discuss the latest data on Cyber Crime statistics, Economics of a Data Br…


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