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Cisco Annual Security Report 2015: Secure Access for Defending Against Threats

…, and the need to secure a new class of connected devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), the attack surface for cyber threats has increased significantly. NAC has evolved into a technology that has become a critical component in the defense against cyber intrusions and data theft. While Cisco still uses the term “NAC” to describe our offerings since it is the most identifiable term, Enterprise Security Group—a well-known analyst research company—…


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Live at DistribuTECH – Wednesday Recap

…d Approaches. The panelists addressed compliance approaches for the updated standard, aimed at fending off both cyber and physical attacks. Panelist gave their views on identifying assets and how to address monitoring and controls. Other panelists made it clear that perimeter defense is one of the many tools but by no means the only tool to address grid cyber security. Security teams should focus on approaches that encompass intelligence. Hacktiv…


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Cisco Demonstrating Solutions for a variety of utilities needs at DistribuTECH

…ring and control across your network communications by supporting integration with application layer platforms. Security If some of your more pressing needs are around security, you will get a first-hand look at a better way to manage cyber-security risk in industrial control networks and critical infrastructure networks. The Secure Ops demo will showcase situational awareness and compliance dashboards that make it easier to manage assets and se…


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Cisco Cloud Security Architecture: Un-Cloaking Invisible Threats

…ing to many of us, to be constantly engaged in the never ending cat and mouse game we play to manage and detect cyber threats. When it comes to securing private and public clouds, a new generation of security architecture is needed to help us protect business assets. Here at Cisco, we have worked with large enterprises, service providers and security experts to develop a threat-focused, next generation security architecture that stops and detects…


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Secure Remote Access During Holidays

…itive financial records continually throughout the holidays but doesn’t want to get bogged down by all sorts of security stuff installed on his system to get his work done. Think about the sales manager that is trying to close business with several customers that need to use their budget before the end of a quarter. Now, what sales manager would say, “Can we wait a few days and give you time to change your mind?” That means they need immediate a…


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