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The Need To Solve for Time

…ake of saving time and the pains of the readers going through some deeper math equations, which can be found in the Cyber Threat Defense Solution Architecture Guide, the resulting simplified approximation formula looks like: Cyber Attack Events = (Cyber Attackers) * (Attack Vectors * Probability of Being Attacked) * (Infrastructure Assets * Probability of Compromise) * (Assets of Interest * Probability of Successful Attack on Asset) Let say our…


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Cybersecurity 101: Assessing the Threat & Mitigating Cyber Risks in Higher Education

…open learning environments make securing these institutions an even harder problem to solve. It is no longer a matter of whether or not you will be hacked, rather when. Higher education leaders are recognizing the need for a cybersecurity strategy that encompasses responsibility across the institution, from the boardroom to the classroom. Join The Chertoff Group and Cisco on June 24th with a panel of higher education security experts to learn…


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Securing Your Industrial Networks by Aligning IT and OT

…er many advantages to O&G firms, including increased business agility and risk awareness, lower cost of operations, and reduced downtime. But before the industry can embrace these new strategies, an effective, end-to-end cybersecurity approach—including alignment between IT and OT—is needed. Security a Catalyst for Transformation Digital transformation means that a range of new and diverse devices are connecting to industrial oil and gas…


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Driving Conversations on Cybersecurity in the Public Sector

…broadening need to share information weigh heavily on government and education organizations, and consume substantial resources. Against this backdrop, it’s more important than ever to be constantly discussing and innovating cybersecurity measures to keep networks safe. Cisco is not only an industry leader when it comes to providing cybersecurity solutions and services for the public sector, but it is also helping drive conversations with…


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#CiscoChat: Incident Response in a Complex Threat Environment

…anies nearly $500 billion in 2014. From Snowshoe Spam to Flash and JavaScript exploits, attackers have been relentless in developing new techniques to gain cyber footholds. Understandably, the world’s attention is focused on cybersecurity like never before, prompting even government officials at the highest levels to weigh in on the subject. In studies conducted by Cisco, we’ve learned that 75 percent of all cyber attacks take just minutes to…


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