Ransomware and malware attacks have been capturing recent global headlines and like all industries, the education sector is vulnerable to this growing threat landscape. Although the full reputational and financial impact of these attacks are not known, it is a stark reminder of the significant cost that a malware outbreak can have on any organisation. 

Deakin University in Victoria, Australia supports the idea that tactical approaches to security are failing to provide the required level of cyber protection and resilience, and that a strategic approach and investment is necessary to identify and plug the gaps that allow attacks to be successful.

“Cybersecurity is by far the most important challenge we face these days” states William Confalonieri, Chief Digital Officer at Deakin University. Deakin’s motto is ‘Driving the Digital Frontier’ and they live this value by embracing all of the opportunities the digital age can provide and to translate those opportunities into benefits for staff, students and the wider community.

In such a fast-changing landscape, it had been challenging for Deakin to stay abreast of the cyber landscape. Top concerns were around visibility of malware, phishing and advanced threats. Deakin wanted to advance their capability and they were after a solution that would be simple, effective and would allow them to scale and to be able to manage it with less resources overall. 

Watch this video to better understand how Deakin have partnered with Cisco on an holistic end-to-end cyber security strategy, in order for them to be able to deliver on their digital transformation vision.

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Reg Johnson

General Manager, Education

Cisco Australia and New Zealand